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Welcome Coffee



Franziska Pröll, Moderation

Sandra & Christian Roth, Organizer

Managers Are Not Leaders!

Sandra Roth - Health Care Leadership Expert

Best Practice: Recipes For Success From a Chief Physician

PD Dr. Michael Woydt - Chief Physician Neurosurgery

Networking Break

30 min


Mindset-Coach Christian Roth in conversation with David Ruben Thies - CEO Waldkliniken Eisenberg, Germany

Networking Lunch

90 min

Investments For Being In The Black - Get Out Of Misery

Michèle Bongetta - Director Clinic Zihlschlacht and Dussnang, VAMED Group

Cultural Development In Healthcare: Opportunities & Challenges

Dierdre Messerli – Organizational Consultant for Relationship Management

Networking Break

30 min

You Are What You Think!

Christian Roth - Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur

How Do Aviation And Healthcare Fit Together?

Philippe Ammann - Airline Captain, (Beyond) Leadership Trainer

Johannes Bresser - Airline Captain, Coach

Panel Discussion And Q & A

Moderator Franziska Pröll in conversation with the speakers

Goodbye & Thank You!

End Of Event